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1-hour class is $89 per month

1-hour 15-minute class is $92 per month

1-hour 30-minute class is $99 per month

2-hour class is $125 per month

DISCOUNT:  Enroll in more than one class and get a Multiple Class Discount.  1st class will be at the regular tuition rate. All other classes will have a 15% discount. 

Sibling Discount: Siblings will receive a 15% discount on all their classes.

Additional Fees: 


Production Fee:  The Production fee helps cover the enormous expense of being in the theatre.  

Costumes:  Costumes are either rented or purchased.  The cost of costumes is the responsibility of the parents.   Once the casting of the show has gone out, you will receive information on costumes. We do our best to keep costumes affordable.

Tickets:  Assigned seating is so nice!  No rushing to grab your spot. Having ticket sales allows for assigned seating and also helps cover the enormous cost of being in the theatre. Did I mention the theatre costs A LOT!  You really have no idea.  It's A LOT

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