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Monthly Rates are based on the number of classes you enroll in. 

Enroll in 1 class        Tuition is     85  per month  

Enroll in 2 classes    Tuition is   150  per month   (this is a   $20 discount)

Enroll in 3 classes    Tuition is   200  per month   (this is a   $55 discount)

Enroll in 4 classes    Tuition is   240  per month   (this is a   $100 discount)

All additional classes are at an additional $40 per month.

Sibling Discount:  Siblings can combine the number of classes they are enrolled in!  As a mom with more than one kid... this is very cool!   

How Payments Work:

Tuition and the annual registration fee will be processed at the time of registration.

If you register mid-month your tuition will be prorated for that month.

Then you will be charged monthly on the first day of each month.

Additional Fees: 

Registration Fee:  Registration fee per student.  It  helps cover the cost for  the scripts and manuals each student receives in class.   There is no sibling discount for the registration fee. The registration fee will be charged at the time of registration, 


Production Fee:  The Production fee includes a digital video of the show and cast photos. The rest of the fee helps cover the enormous expense of being in the theatre.  

Costumes:  Once casting of the show has gone out, you'll get a list of things needed for your performer's costume.  Costumes are fun for kids!  We do our best to keep costumes affordable.

Tickets:  Assigned seating is so nice!  No rushing to grab your spot. Having ticket sales allows for assigned seating and also helps cover the enormous cost of being in the theatre. Did I mention the theatre costs A LOT!  You really have no idea.  It's A LOT

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