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Beginner to Advanced

Youth to Teen 

Whether you are just beginning your acting journey or want to hone your acting skills, Acting Technique & Improv classes are essential for the actor.

These classes help actors explore their creative side while having fun!  Students will develop skills to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, proficient collaborators, curious learners, and build comradery. These skills will not only enhance the student's stage performance, but they will also carry over onto the stage of life. 

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Friday 6:00-7:00

3 classes are being offered for Acting Technique & Improv.  

Register for the class in which you meet the age requirements.

YOUTH: Ages 7-10

TWEEN: Ages 10 -12 

TEEN: Ages 13-19

Starts: September 8, 2023

Monthly Tuition: $89 per month

Acting Technique & Improv classes do not perform.

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