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Spring Season Starts January 28 & 29

  • Spring Season Starts January 28 &29.

  • Classes on January 28 & 29 are Welcome-In classes.

  • You must be a registered student to attend the Welcome-In classes.

  • Instructors will be introducing the students to new material for the Spring Production.

  • If you are registering for the first time you will not be charged for the classes you try on Jan 28 & 29. 

How To Register 

  • Go to the Parent Portal.

  • Get your account set up.

  • Pick the classes you want to try on January 28 & 29.

  • You can try as many classes as you like as long as the student is within the age requirements. 

  • After you have taken your trial classes let us know which classes you wish to continue with and you will be charged on February 1 for those classes. 

Acting Classes

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Get good at acting very quickly as we play fun acting games that focus on creating a character,  telling a story, staging, technique, and more!  

Acting Class Youth

Class Day / Time:  Friday 5:45 - 645
Ages:  8-12

Prerequisites: None

Acting Class Teen 

Class Day / Time:  Friday 5:45 - 645
Ages:  12 - 19

Prerequisites: None

Alice's Adventures in 

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Showstoppers Youth

Class Day / Time:  Saturday 2:30-3:30
Ages: 7 - 9

Prerequisites:   None

Mini Theatre Troupe

Class Day / Time: Saturday, 3:30-4:30
Ages:  4-7

Prerequisites:  None

Showstoppers Teen

Class Day / Time:  Saturday 2:30-3:30
Ages: 10 - 19

Prerequisites:   None

Join the Queen of Hearts, Cards, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee & Dum, Gorgeous Flowers, and more as we sing and dance and tell our hilarious 30-minute version of Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland!


Moana & Teen Beach Movie Medley

The Youth Voice class dives into summer early with songs & dances from Teen Beach Movie,  Moana, and more!!!  

Class Day / Time:  Friday 3:45 - 4:45
Ages:  7 - 12

Prerequisites:  None

Voice Class Youth

The Case of the Big Bad Wolf

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Acting Troupe

Class Day / Time:  Friday 4:45 - 5:45
Ages:  10 - 19

Prerequisites: None, but Acting Class Highly Recommended.

The Acting Troupe focuses just on acting. No singing, no dancing. This season they have an interesting tale to tell.

Little Bo Peep has accused the Big Bad Wolf of eating all of her sheep and he now faces trial with the Queen of Hearts presiding.

Which character will you play in “The Case of the Big Bad  Wolf?

Willie Wonka


This is our big Broadway Show! Great songs & Dances! Funny characters to play!  Join us as we bring the story of Charlie and Wonka to life onstage!  

Broadway Production Troupe

Class Day / Time: Saturday 4:30 -5:30
Ages:  9 - 19

Prerequisites: None, Acting Class Highly Recommended.

Broadway Production Scenes

Class Day / Time: Saturday 5:30 - 6:30

Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in Broadway Production Troupe to audition for a main role in this production.  Acting Class is highly recommended.

Hamilton Mash-Up

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Our Teen Voice class will have a blast singing & dancing to a

Hamilton Mash-Up!

Voice Class Teen 

Class Day / Time: Saturday 3:30 -4:30
Ages:  11 - 19

Prerequisites: None