Registration & Tuition

Monthly Rates are based on the number of classes you enroll in. 

1st     class       83

2nd   class        63

3rd    class        48

4th    class        38   

Sibling Discount:  Siblings can combine the number of classes they are enrolled in!  As a mom with more than one kid... this is very cool!   

Tuition Rates

Example:  Siblings are enrolled in 4 classes each. The tuition would be calculated as follows:

                        Child 1          Child 2 

1st  class        83               63

2nd class        48               38

3rd  class        38               38

4th class         38               38   

How Payments Work:

Tuition will be processed at the time of registration then monthly on the first day of each month with your primary card on file. 

For example:  Let's say you sign up August 24 for classes that begin October 1.  You'll be charged for the October classes the day you sign up, then not again until November 1. 

Additional Fees: 

Registration Fee:  is $35 per student per year.  It includes the scripts/manuals each student receives in class.  It helps us cover the cost for all our scripts. There is no sibling discount for the registration fee.


Production Fee:  The Production fee includes a digital video of the show and cast photos. The rest of the fee helps cover the enormous expense of being in the theatre.  

Costumes:  Once casting has gone out, you'll get a list of things needed for your performer's costume.  Costumes are fun for kids!  We do our best to keep costumes affordable.

Tickets:  Assigned seating is so nice!  No rushing to grab your spot. Having ticket sales allows for assigned seating and also helps cover the enormous cost of being in the theatre. Did I mention the theatre costs A LOT!  You really have no idea.  It's A LOT!

Click the "Parent Info" button on the STUDENT page for full details.

Spring Season Starts Feb. 4 & 5, 2022


  • MTT Spring Season will start February 4 & 5. 

  • Those registering for the Spring Season will not be charged until Feb. 1, 2022.

  • There are free "Welcome" classes the last week of January. 

  • Only Registered students can attend the classes on January 28 & 29. 

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