"Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person - mind, body, intelligence and creativity."
Viola Spolin

Influenced by Viola Spolin's philosophy to teach acting through imaginative play, we learn by playing acting games! Each semester of classes progresses through a series of acting games that focus on concepts from trust building, character development, self-confidence, and projection, to staging, pacing, and more.  Students in all of our classes are invited to perform on the big stage for our end-of-class showcase at the beautiful California Center for the Arts, Escondido!  


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Get good at acting very quickly!

Learn by playing acting games!

Character.  Story.  Staging.  Technique.  Fun.

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Lines.  Lines.  Lines.  

Non-Musical plays are all about the characters and the story!

Does your actor crave lines? 

Join us in Actor's Troupe nothing-but-lines fun plays to play!

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Sing and dance in a medley of songs!

Solos.  Duets.  Group songs.  Choreography.

Harmony.  Rhythm.  Vocal Technique.

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Sing. Dance. Act.

Showstoppers puts on a 30-minute themed musical revue!

Everyone gets a role with lines. 

Everyone sings and dances in all the songs.

Mini Troupe
ages 4, 5 & 6

- Creative expression & movement!

- Keep the beat!

- Learn songs & dances to Broadway Troupe's current show.

Class is fun whether or not you decide to be a part of the BROADWAY PRODUCTION!

song & dance

Be a part of a traditional 80-minute Broadway Musical! 

Broadway musicals have leads, supporting characters and ensemble groups.

Just sign up!  You will be cast into one of the ensemble character groups who sing and dance and tell the story!! 

The full cast participates in this class learning all the full cast production numbers and scenes.


By audition only. 

Intermediate and advanced actors and singers can audition to be a handful of leading and supporting characters.  If cast, you'll add this class to your schedule.  If not cast as a lead or supporting character, you'll still be cast BROADWAY PRODUCTION TROUPE'S song & dance in ensemble role! 

Recommended Prerequisites:  Acting and Improv, The Acting Troupe, The Voice Class, private singing and acting lessons, several Showstoppers classes, and/or being ensemble in several Broadway Troupe Productions.